Customer Service Zeebrugge Nathalie, Ilse and Kenneth, 3 colleagues from Customer Service Zeebrugge


What does your job consist of?
I am team leader of the customer service department in Zeebrugge.  This means that I follow up on the daily work and adjust where needed. I’m available for colleagues for any kind of problems they may have. On top of that I also follow-up on some key-accounts.

We accept bookings from our customers, agree loading and unloading times, follow-up container movements (rail + vessel) and deal with daily operation issues.


And who are your contacts in this function?

Besides the contact with the customer, I also have contacts with colleagues from operations  (planning, shipping, rail department,  etc. ).

Because I also follow-up if P&G pays all transportation costs and other extra costs in time, I regularly have contact with people from accounting.

From time to time I’m in contact with sales, especially for making agreements for new/renewed traffic.


What are the qualities new colleagues need to have?

Open-minded, problem solving, flexible, enthusiastic. Communication is very important.


What does your working day look like?
Besides creating orders and booking appointments for loading or unloading, I especially have to search for solutions in case of problems. Furthermore I handle and follow-up on the waiting costs with the customer (those costs are compensation for drivers who need to wait for a long time before their container is loaded or unloaded ) and I have to check if these costs , as well as the transportation costs, are paid in time.


How is the atmosphere in your department?

The atmosphere is dynamic and international.

This depends.  When it’s very busy, we all work very hard, everyone helps one another  and this creates a feeling of solidarity. Having realized a successful conclusion at the end of the day,  gives a good feeling:  “we did it together”. When it’s calm the atmosphere is more relaxed and we have time for a short chat.


Can you tell us about the challenges in your job?
The work is never monotonous: each day you are confronted with new situations and you have to look for new solutions.


What experience do you need to do this job?
It’s a plus to have experience in the transport sector, but a good common sense already gets you far.  You have to be eager to learn and capable of processing new information smoothly.


What do you like in working at ECS?

International contacts. Dynamics of the company. Ability to develop competences.

As an employee of ECS you’re being pampered every now and then: there is the annual personnel party, a gift for a seniority anniversary, a summer drink, ….