Inside sales administrator in Novara Valeria, inside sales administrator in Novara, Italy




How is the atmosphere in your department?

The atmosphere here is very good, it’s true we’re not a big team, but the approach is friendly.


What does your working day look like?

My working day: start checking files of empty kms in Italy, edit quotes for my foreign colleagues, check and extend validity of TLs for our Customer Service, handle claim demurrages and payment recoverage.


 What does your job consist of?

My job consists of research and development of prospects, telemarketing, development of active customers in order to upgrade their account with ECS and making quotes for customers.

What are the challenges in your job?

Challenge in my job is to change potential customers’ minds to use ECS services… and get them on board!

Who are your contacts in this function?

 I have regular contacts with all the ECS sales offices, as well as account department and customer service department.


 What experience do you need to do this job?

I started working in transports back in November 1996, starting with the operational side (drivers’ instructions, rail bookings) and I’ve arrived to the sales department, going through the Customer Service department. The real necessary thing is a good approach to colleagues and a very good communication, together with a knowledge basis of transports, then everything can be learned, with a good buddy close to us!


What are the qualities new colleagues need to have?

New colleagues will need to have a very good communication with both colleagues and customers, especially potential customers; another good quality, from my point of view, would be a knowledge (also not well deep) of our operational side, in order to be aware of what you’re selling.

What do you like in working at ECS?

Working with ECS is very stimulating and gives me the opportunity to learn more and more every day.