Planning in Venlo Rob, manager planning


What does your job consist of?

I support the people in doing their daily tasks and offer help to smoothly solve bottlenecks. In this proces anticipating on problems and searching for structured solutions, internally as well as externally, is important. I'm also the first point of contact for transporters driving in Venlo and I search for the ideal balance between both parties, I keep an eye on the turnover and adjust where necessary. 


Who are your contacts in this function?

A planning departement handles a lot of practical problems that could not have been known on beforehand. It's a daily challenge so solve these together, based on the customers requirements.  Therefore the communication between the different departments as customer service, intermodal planning and shipping is essential. Also there is a lot of consultation between the planningsdepartments in Zeebrugge & Venlo.


What are the qualities new colleagues need to have?

It's very important to be a real teamplayer and to work in a structured way keeping an eye on details. Decisions need to be thought-out to be ahead of things. The activities require the necessary concentration to be able to deal with future challenges and to do this enthusiastic and in team. Being able to prioritize and keeping the overview are key to success.   

How is the atmosphere in your department?

The people are a good team and everyone is part of the puzzle. Communication lines are short and direct. To allow adequate reactions it's very important to clarify things for each other and to support one another.  





What does your working day look like?

Every day is different which makes the work fun. You don't always know whats coming your way, but you can structure your day by things like the short daily meeting between the departments in the office. The action points resulting from this meeting have to be followed-up. 


What are the challenges in your job?

Personally I like the variation of challenges. Each day makes you handle different aspects. Making the most of every day with the team is the biggest challenge for me and gives me satisfaction in my job.


What experience do you need to do this job?

Practical thinking and clearly visualising what's happening helps a lot. Ask questions where needed and dare to take accountability for your decisions. Know the structure and the processes within the organisation, and know who you can turn to for help. 

What do you like in working at ECS?

It's a continously changing world resulting in a lot of challenges. ECS is a nice, growing business where everyone in his or her way is an important link.  Together we can handle the challenges. People get the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and to develop themselves through different means.