Sales Manager Guus, Sales Manager in the Netherlands


What does your working day look like?

This differs. Most of the time I visit clients in the Netherlands and Middle or North Germany. Vue the geographical distances between our clients, I drive a lot of kilometers, +/- 50.000 per year.


What are the challenges in your job?

I always find it a challenge to gain new customers for ECS. This is important for me and it makes me keep enjoying my job. Throughout the years you build up a good contact with the customers. And so it's nice to visit ECS clients on a regular basis. 

What does your job consist of?

My job consists of establishing contacts with customers and maintaining existing client relationships.

I discuss the clients needs, advise them on our possibilities and give recommendations.

I also make offers and negotiate prices and sales conditions.

Another part of my job is treating possible customer complaints and solve them.


Who are your contacts in this function?

This depends on the size of the company. When it's a large manufacturer, I am in contact with the transport or logistics manager. In smaller companies I talk directly to the owner / director. At logistic clients I speak with the manager of the department concerned. 


What are the qualities new colleagues need to have?

Commitment, involvement, enthusiam, accuracy and a natural sales talent : those are important qualities for a new colleague.


How is the atmosphere in your department?

The atmosphere is good, there's a close contact with the colleagues. We organise a good backup for each other during absences. Teamwork!






What experience do you need to do this job?

Experience in transport of course and by preference in the shortsea (container) sector. It's also important to have natural sales skills.


What do you like in working at ECS?

Althout ECS has existed for almost 20 years it still is a young, dynamic and fast growing company with a lot of possibilities and approximately 6000 own containers. WE have a good reputation in the market. We deliver a clear tight service.