Preparing Brexit readiness

ECS2XL is preparing to be ready for the Brexit.
Special thanks to the teams that are putting their energy and knowledge in this project!

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To be ready, ECS2XL is rolling out a broad project program, containing following topics:

1. Technical capacity (IT systems) and process alignment (planning, customer service, financial/tax, logistics, sales, legal); 

2. Human capacity (staff trained in customs matters & special customs forces to be recruited);

3. Customs authorisations, such as for special procedures, applying for Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status;

4. Aligning with our clients (Door-to Door and Supply chain) as we need their data input for the customs administration;

5. Connecting with suppliers (ferries, rail, customs brokers, terminals, PCS’s)

Detailed information about the Operational process for shipments can be found here