Verified Gross Mass

A new legislation from International Maritime Organization (IMO) obliges us to inform you of the following required actions:
We are referring to the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS)  regarding a mandatory container gross weight verification. This amendment will be applicable as of July  1st 2016.

Why this amendment?

Incorrect information regarding  the weight of loaded containers has caused serious shipping incidents in the past. This new regulation wants to guarantee the safety of people, ships, the load itself and the environment.

What does it mean for you ?

As a shipper you are responsible  to define and communicate the Verified Gross Mass of the load. This VGM includes the weight of the goods, packaging and securing material.
You are required to pass this information to the ECS driver who is picking up your load. The weight will be put on the CMR.  ECS is responsible for all further actions towards the shipping lines and will add the tare weight of the container to your declared  VGM.
We kindly ask you to provide us the VGM as of the 1st July 2016.

What will happen  if the VGM is not correctly declared ?

Containers without a VGM will not be shipped and random checks will be done.  The shipper will be held responsible for all costs related to an erroneous declaration of the requested weight. ECS  takes no responsibility for incorrect information given by the shipper.

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