State-of-the-art fleet

To deliver efficient, cost-effective and sustainable supply chain solutions, ECS offers various types of equipment and resources. With one of Europe’s biggest fleets in combination with a strategic Pan-European intermodal network, ECS delivers customised solutions.

Equipment Specifications

Ambient containers  

ECS offers a vast fleet of 8.000 intermodal 45ft containers.  All of these units are pallet-wide and high cube ideally to transport your commodities within our Pan-European intermodal network.

Reefer containers and trailers

With more than a 1.000 units, ECS operates one of the largest fleets of 45ft reefer containers in Europe. Two hundred of those units are diesel electric cool containers which provides an intermodal rail solution to the customer.  With another 200 fridge trailers ECS can provide a solution for swift moving refrigerated cargo between Benelux and the U.K.

Tautliners code XL

With 400 XL trailers ECS offers a service for all different kinds of commodities in Benelux, Germany and France towards U.K. & Ireland.

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Europe’s biggest reefer container fleet

ECS operates one of Europe's largest fleets of 45ft reefer containers, spanning well over 1.000 units . All of these units are pallet wide and high cube. Over 200 of these units are diesel electric, making them the ideal intermodal cool container, as suitable to go by rail. A large part of our fleet is equipped with Track & Trace. A modern fleet of over 200 fridge trailers is dedicated to swiftly move refrigerated cargo between Benelux and UK.