Enjoy a Brexit-proof transport service

With more than 140.000 units delivered each year in the U.K. & Ireland from mainland Europe, ECS is your specialised partner to arrange your transport. Weekly, our network handles more than 80 direct sailings from Zeebrugge and Rotterdam towards the U.K. & Ireland. On top of that we cover various different ports in France, Spain and other European countries. To guarantee a smooth transport of your cargo, ECS offers a Brexit proof service, taking care of all customs and administration formalities.

Crossing borders flawlessly

After Brexit, trading rules between the UK and the European mainland are changing. Border requirements and custom formalities will be placed on the movement of goods between the EU and UK. To make ensure compliance and minimise any delays, our customs services experts make sure our customers are duly informed on any clearance procedure or customs declaration to follow. Additionally, we offer one-stop-shop solutions for customers who wish to outsource the care of their import and export customs formalities, for their goods to cross any border flawlessly.

Outsourcing customs formalities

We service the UK via non-accompanied transport. As no driver accompanies the load, waiting for customs formalities is avoided, without impacting the overall lead time.

  • Shipping from Zeebrugge, Rotterdam, Moerdijk and Amsterdam
  • 25 departures per day
  • Crossing times between 9 and 14 hours
  • Customs formalities arranged while at sea
  • BCP only a few miles away

For customers who wish to outsource the care of their customs formalities, ECS handles the complete administration related to customs exports and imports to the UK. Support for customers who prefer to handle (part of) this administration themselves is part of the ECS service as well.

With more than 200.000 declarations per year, customs declarations are a standard part of our offering. This makes our supply chain solutions the perfect fit for customers who target the main retailers.

ECS is dedicated to deliver tailor-made logistics solutions. Our team is always ready to discuss how we can add real value to your end-to-end supply chain.

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