ECS | Technics

ECS technics bvba is situated in the Transportzone, Karveelstraat 5 te B 8380 Zeebrugge and consists of 2 departments: garage for trucks & repair for containers

ECS technics garage

Repair and maintenance for all our equipment on wheels (trucks & chassis) is taken care of on ECS premises by a motivated team of 15 professionals.

We consciously chose for a strict periodic maintenance in accordance with the manufacturers. All ECS drivers and subcontractors are on the road daily with correctly maintained trucks and chassis. We offer a 24/7 service. Mid 2016 our fleet consists of 330 trucks, 880 container chassis and 170 refrigerated trailers.


ECS container repair

Our fleet of over 6000 containers is repaired and maintained by a skilled team of 5 employees. Modern and tested techniques are used to correctly maintain and repair our large fleet in order to ensure perfect quality to the customer.