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ECS Zeebrugge Trucking

A team of 25 truck drivers do about 50 hauls from the Zeebrugge harbour to a regional destination on a daily basis.

We hereby serve shortsea and deepsea customers.

If you are interested in working together:

email or call +32 50 250 185

ECS Harbour Trucking

ECS has a shunt department organizing transport of FCL's from the ECS warehouses to quay Zeebrugge and returning empties or deep-sea cargo for offloading at ECS.

A team of 12 drivers are continuously shunting 24/6.

Deadlines have to be met on a daily basis, guaranteeing an on-time drop off before closing, in order to meet the requested delivery dates in UK and Ireland, as per customer's demand.

The shunt driver's team is coordinated by 2 planners at ECS warehouse.