Customer Service Manager Bob, Customer Service Manager


I started my ECS career on January 2nd, 2008. Originally I joined ECS to start up a department chartering. But prior to starting this project, I began as a teamleader in the department Customer Service Continent in Zeebrugge. In the end I didn’t start-up the chartering department but developed my career in the Customer Service department.


After some time I also became responsible for Customer Service UK and Ireland, both teams located in Zeebrugge. Finally the teams of Le Havre and Venlo were added to my responsibility. Currently there is a structure with 1 manager and 2 teamleaders in the 2 different locations.


At ECS it’s important to show that you are capable of and willing to take on responsibility. In doing so you can let the organization know your ambition. This, combined with setting up the right goals together with your supervisor, makes it possible to evolve at a hierarchical level or in the job.


ECS offers you plenty of possibilities to  develop yourself through practical trainings: growing in the organization by learning the right skills. Collaborators in Customer Service are trained to work autonomously.

Bob:    "At ECS it’s important to show that you are capable of and willing to take on responsibility."


It’s important to realize that everyone is a part in the transport chain and cooperation with the different departments internally and the customers externally is very important to get the right results. In order to solve problems as well as possible, everyone has to work professionally and with a proactive attitude. It's all about teamwork.