Creating Sustainable Logistics

Logistics accounts for around 10% of global CO₂ emissions, while demand for freight transport is rising and still relying heavily on fossil fuel. Tackling greenhouse gas emissions in the logistics sector is key to meet global climate goals. Therefore, our commitment towards greener logistics is at the heart of our strategy.

Green Logistics Solutions

As a logistics service provider, ECS recognises the environmental impact of its business and the responsibility to be part of the solution. It is why sustainability is at the core of our mission, and strongly embedded within our daily operations. We continuously aim to provide cost-effective, reliable and environmentally friendly logistics solutions.

  • Reducing the mileage by road
  • Increasing the mileage by train
  • Optimising empty mileage

Combining capabilities and initiatives to move CSR logistics forwards, we continuously improve our operations sustainably by:

  • Driving the modal shift from road to rail and short sea shipping
  • Reducing empty mileage
  • Enhancing supply chain solutions
  • Optimising routing with AI to reduce emissions
  • Modernise & decarbonise our infrastructure
  • Investing in rail connected warehousing
  • Partnering with trucking & sea shipping companies using alternative fuels for first and last mile delivery

Our experts in sustainable logistics develop both cost-effective and green logistics solutions, helping our customers meeting climate ambitions while providing them a competitive advantage.

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