Incident Procedure

As ECS stands for CSR – Creating Sustainable Reliable logistics, we are committed to provide a high quality and sustainable service to our customers and therefore strive to work in an open and accountable way that builds trust and respect of all our stakeholders.  Therefore, we would like to inform you of our incident handling procedure.

This procedure is to assure that, in case of an incident, accident or near miss, a consistent process is initiated with dedicated ownership to promptly handle the incident in order to: 

  • minimize the impact or effect of the incident on people, planet and profit;
  • inform all appropriate stakeholders[1] timely and with correct information;
  • learn valuable lessons for the future. 

This procedure is applicable for any incident[2] that caused potential or actual damage to products or any incident where legal, (food)security, (food)safety, health, quality, environmental issues or potential emergency situations (can) arise during transport.  

ECS Formal Incident Procedure:

[1] Stakeholders: client, local authorities, internal ECS owners, senior management.

[2] Incident: an incident, accident or near miss.