QESH Policy


ECS Corporate NV and its subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as “ECS 2XL’’) provides European multimodal transport of packed cargo, crossdocking and supplychain integrated management.

With this policy, ECS 2XL wants to take responsibility, in a Corporate Social Responsible manner, towards the quality, environment, health, safety and security of all our employees, customers, contractors and the communities in which we do business, for as long as ECS 2XL has an impact or influence.

ECS 2XL commits:


  • to comply with customer expectations to enhance customer satisfaction;
  • to comply with, and exceed where practicable, all applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice, as well as client and other requirements by establishing and maintaining the relevant and effective management systems;
  • to contribute to the sustainable development of society by Creating Sustainable Reliable logistic services, thus integrating sustainability considerations into all our business decisions;
  • to identify all strategic, operational, QESH & CSR aspects and hazards associated with our past, current and future activities and ensuring commitment to prevent risks and/or minimize the impact of the strategic, operational, QESH & CSR risks for the continuity of our business, safety, security and well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers, services & products, facilities, environment and communities in which we do business;
  • to provide all employees with the skills and training required for their function and encourage personal development in order to maximize personal growth and competences, thus aiming for a high level of employee satisfaction in a stable, safe and healthy work environment;
  • to encourage all employees to be actively involved in Behavior Based Safety Program by making them accountable and encouraging them to take responsibility to continuously improve the performance of the company’s quality, environmental, safety, security and health systems and uphold the ECS 2XL CSR values.


The ECS 2XL QESH Policy is issued by the Executive Committee.  It is the responsibility of the Executive Committee that the above commitments are aligned with the ECS 2XL business strategy, culture and organization and communicated to all levels and departments of the organization by means of information sessions, publication on the intranet, ECS 2XL sharepoint and bulletin boards.  Annual review of this policy, goals and targets thereof, takes place during the strategy update session and the CSR sustainability steering meeting.


The Executive Committee fully supports the management systems and assigns the necessary technical, financial and human resources to implement, maintain and support them.  Senior management shall lead by example and continuously motivate all employees to adhere to the QESH policy.

On behalf of the Executive Committee,

Pieter Balcaen, CEO

ECS European Containers - 2XL

VD 21/09/2018